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At FinHance (Best Finance Institute in Lucknow) we believe proper knowledge in the key to ‘Enhance your Finance’. Covering the Domain of wealth creation and Risk Management, we offer dedicated courses. The field of stock market saw a number of enthusiasts entering into it. Are you one of them too?

Why Choose us?

Benefits of learning from Finhance

Name justified

Finhance gets its name form Enhance Your Finance, as an institute we make constant efforts to live up to our name

Depth Guidance

From providng you the best Stock market courses to teaching you the in and outs of FRM (Financial Risk Manager),Finhance has the potential to be your go to choice and not just an option.

Real Life Relatability

Teaching sessions integrated with real life examples makes the learner relate better with the courses .

Best Mentorship

Everybody needs a companion on a journey, Finhance with its simplified approach and mentorship is the one for you.

Priveleges Attached

Choosing Finhance comes with an attached privilege, the privilege of innumerable sessions in which you will be taught a basic truth that finance is for all and if you have the right approach it is simple too.

Movement Maker

While you are looking for options out there, Finhance with its career oriented offerings is working upon to be the movement maker in the field of Finance



Rohan Kumar
Rohan Kumar
Working as a marine engineer I didn't get much time to follow stock market and keep myself updated. This time when I was on a break i explored options to learn about stock market trading in Lucknow. Was looking for a course which could teach me basics to advanced in an appropriate course of time. Master's in Stock Market Trading by Finhance was the course which fulfilled my criteria. They give all the knowledge you need to become a stock market trader in a definite period of time,now even when I go for sailing market tracking and analysis is not a big deal for me. Finhance has helped me to pursue my passion , you can visit them for more insights into the course.
Ratneesh Singh
Ratneesh Singh
Was looking for a stock market institute in lucknow since a long time. I enrolled with Finance and learned a lot about stock market.
Sumit Kesarwani
Sumit Kesarwani
Tried option trading but I made losses.When I joined the course by FinHance ,I realized my mistakes and understood how to manage risks while option trading
Akash Upadhyay
Akash Upadhyay
its a best institute in the city. Teaching method is good and its help full to being a success trader. Teachers are very friendly.
Satyendra Patel
Satyendra Patel
Very nice institute vere I found in Lucknow. Like teaching method and other study material are very clear.becauae i found what I needed as a fresher I was fearfull about trading .but after joining finhence I clear all my doubt and got a clear motiv to become a successful trader .thank you finhence. Thanks a lot.......
Yash Bajpai
Yash Bajpai
Masters in stock market trading by FinHance can be your first choice if you want to learn about stock market in detail
Achint Ratn
Achint Ratn
Simplified course by FinHance is surely the best stock market course in Lucknow...
Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh
As a beginner at technical analysis I was always confused by candlesticks. Muskaan Sir made it easy for me to read charts and trade

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FRM Coaching in Lucknow

Master’s In Stock Market Trading

Mentorship Programme Specially Designed for you to guide you through day to day trading and long term investing for achieving success and financial freedom.

Financial Risk Manager

FRM stands for financial risk manager, a certification offered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals
(GARP). Recognized in every major market .

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What Makes Us The Best Finance Institute in Lucknow?


Being factual is one of our own style, we back our claims of being a premier finance institute by factsand figures.


Our principles and ethics are yet an another reason to get onboard with us for education in Finance.


We don’t let our personal preferences interfere and ensure the candidate learns at its own pace.


Being concerned with past learning issues and working to improve them is just another way to value our learners.


We use data-driven decision-making, assessment of performance, and evaluation of results in a quest for continuous improvement.


With our relentless efforts in providing education we are easy to see and discover.


We cultivate an environment that seeks innovative solutions to challenges through exploration, analysis, experimentation, and adaptation.


We display a passion and an excitement for our work and believe every day provides opportunities to have a positive impact on the lives of the people we serve and support.


Frequently Asked Questions

After learning the forms of analysis from us you can trade in any segment be it cash, options ,forex or commodities.

Our after course assistance will help you in going ahead with the knowledge and its application.

With our best stock market training and guidance you will be able to makea career in it..

While in your graduation years, devoting time to  FRM course preparation will help you to get the best of your time and make you job ready.

Since the pandemic risk management is the latest trend in career choices and being a FRM makes it easier to get into it.

Finance is for all and a background does not affects your ability to excel in the field of finance

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